The divine gift is in your hands
The breath of life is in your fingers
A single sound can melt the ice
A voice, a smile, and words that linger
Speak just for me, my darling
With softness and finesse
Together we shall ride the ocean
And I will be your temptress
Yield to temptation, my prince
Do not hesitate or ponder
Our bodies are like shields
Our souls are full of wonder
Divine is your touch, my Master
With dragons in your blood you rise
And every single dawn shall challenge
The very heart of beauty
With fire forever burning
In your deep and sultry eyes

© 2014 Fräulein H. & CanisTrigger Publishing (Sweden)
All rights reserved.


♥Jean-Michel Labadie♥ (Photo credit: © Jarle H. Moe)


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