“Pick me! Pick me!” the little girl shouted
As a naughty gust of wind blew up her skirt
And the crowd held their breath and wondered
Whether the strappy young man would really pick her
Out of the horde of cardboard cut-outs on display

Waking up after such a bizarre dream was sweet
The day showed no further traces of nocturnal journeys
Into the hidden world of a vivid mind

But my dreams have no meaning
Unless a few uninvited demons appear
To distract me for a moment
From thoughts layered with honey

Is it really that hard to understand
The simple concept of a subconscious mind
Wasted in night dreams and visions
And constant drama?

This, I tell you, is life on my planet
Waking up to a new eidetic image
While reality for the rest of them
Is only a reoccurring nightmare
I did not create

© 2014 Fräulein H. & CanisTrigger Publishing (Sweden)
All rights reserved.



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