He is fire underneath your skin
He is wind above the melting sky
A valiant player who makes you want to sin
Skilful slayer of chords as soft as silk

He is water thick and heavy
To drown you with desire
And earth between your fingers
To swirl you into gyres

He is that smile, that crazy grin
He changes shapes but keeps seduction within
He roams this world spreading his virtuous seed
And when he plucks the strings on his bass guitar
My head explodes and my heart bleeds

Divine, o divine player:
What am I without his power?
Less than a woman, nothing but a prayer
Trapped in the iron walls of his insurmountable tower

© 2013 Fräulein H. & CanisTrigger Publishing (Sweden)
All rights reserved. 


Jean-Michel Labadie (Gojira), 2009


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